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Please CLICK HERE to be view Baltimore County Maryland's free Handbook which is an excellent overview of septic system design, maintenance, and just an overall good read for any homeowner who has a septic.

Maintaining your septic system by periodic pumping is the most effective ways to protect your investment in your home's septic and prevent future, costly repairs related to septic failure.

The math is simple: Paying a little bit today to regularly maintain a septic in good, working order can save many thousands of dollars in the future. As the cost of septic replacement has risen alarmingly in MD in recent years due to the B.A.T. (Best available technology) regulations, there's never been a better time to keep your current system well-maintained by pumping. (2017 update: There has been some talk about Governor Hogan repealing some aspects of these stringent regulations. One thing is certain, no matter the political outcome: Pumping your tank regularly extends its operating lifespan, saves you considerable money over the long term, and protects the environment around your home.)

Over 35 years ago,

Tom Cossentino set out to build a small septic service business with a unique focus on educating his clients about how their septic systems work and helping them learn how to best care for and maintain them. With a dream, a single truck, and the unwavering support of his wife, two boys, and beloved dogs (can't forget them), he built the business into something much bigger and more impactful than he ever imagined.

​Today, many years, many gallons, and many satisfied and loyal clients later, Tom's mission has not changed. We (because now my sons are involved) still focus on educating our clients, taking our time to do quality work, and on keeping our personal touch. We still run just one truck and we still do all of the work ourselves because building a business doesn't always mean making it big. To us, smaller is better because that is how we have gained our excellent reputation- by passionately serving the needs of one well-taken-care-of client at a time.

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Our History

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How Are We Different?

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  • Our smaller truck fits well in tight places

  • we take pride in our work and WE have a deep knowledge of septic pumping because this is all we do, day in and day out

  • we take our time to deep clean the tank and make sure it is in good working order when we come out to visit and perform the pumping.




Cossentino Septic (Where we're much better at septic pumping than web-design!)

Welcome! You are in the right place:) We are a small, family business that has served Baltimore and Carroll County, Maryland for over 35 years. Look no further for the best, lowest price and friendly, honest service

Father and Son Team Completes All Work-Licensed and Insured-Professional-Exceptional Service-Lowest Prices 

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