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Your Local, Trusted Septic Folks in Baltimore & Carroll County, MD

Please Call us for the BEST price on Septic Pumping and related services such as Inspections & Repairs
***We Are Clean-Cut, Neat, Professional, and the company owners (that's us below) perform all work***

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We Are Located in
Upperco, MD and serve Baltimore/Carroll counties and nearby areas.

Call us Today-Immediate Scheduling-Worry Free Service-Small Family Business-Experienced Owner Performs All Work-Father/Son Team

(Above is a picture of Dad (Tom, Jr.), smiling and doing what he loves: Working each day as a professional in the septic/wastewater maintainenance and repair industry. If you are curious what he is doing, he is cleaning and prepping the truck after offloading residential septage at a designated county sewage receving/treatment site in Baltimore County. Most of our clients don't get to see this part of the job and the additional work that goes into disposing of the septage in an environmentally responsible manner after we complete your job and wish you a "good day"!)

Welcome to Cossentino Septic Online

(Where we're much better at septic than web design!-Don't let our humble little website make you think we aren't serious

A Customer Favorite! We're continuing our: 
2015-Service Special:

Septic tank pumping as low as just $195
(Other charges may apply due to the specific requirements of each job-Please call for details/free price estimate for your specific job. $195 is our lowest, base price for certain types and sizes of septic tanks. Often times, we will be able to get your service scheduled same day, if that's your preference, or within a few days depending on backlog. Remember we're a small company and we just run one truck- We believe that allows us to give you the best quality and detailed service available since we have greater control over the finished products and services that we proudly deliver to you!)
-Tom Cossentino

We Promise to provide the Best combination of
 Great price and Exceptional service

For over 30 years, we have been called north-central Maryland's most respected, honest, and reputable septic service company specializing in:
---Septic tank pumping and septic cleaning (emergency service available 24hrs.)
---Complete Septic Installation (new drainfields, piping, holding tanks, etc.)
---Septic Repair---Line replacement, manhole risers, baffle/filter installation
---Septic Inspections for Real Estate Transactions (M.O.W.P.A. certified)(Please call us for more information on Septic inspections if you are a potential homebuyer or realtor-We can help)
---Grease Trap Pumping---For restaurants and other establishments
---Virtually any other services relating to onsite wastewater disposal systems
---Backhoe Service- percolation tests, excavation, and more
---Residential and Commercial sewage removal
---Pumping of BAT's and advanced aerobic/nitrogen reduction onsite disposal systems mandated by MD law in new construction after January 1st, 2013
***ALERT: New Maryland state legislation, as of 1-1-2013, requires utilization of Advanced Nitrogen Reduction and Aerobic treatment septic tanks (ATU's), also referred as B.A.T. (Best Available Technology) in many onsite sewage system installations, in all of Maryland. In many instances, this has increased the total cost of replacement or installation of new septic systems by almost 400% to 500% do to the high-cost of purchasing the MD required BAT tank and equipment.
***We believe this new law is all the more reason to smartly maintain and pump the existing basic, conventional septic system you already have. The installation of the BAT represents not only higher additional upfront cost but also more ongoing service costs through maintenance contracts for the life of the system, paperwork and additional reporting requirements, electricity bills, and more expensive components that will require frequent replacement***
Read more on the MDE website (link 1) and in the  Baltimore Sun (link 2):
                1.) http://www.dsd.state.md.us/comar/getfile.aspx?file=
                2.) http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/harford/belair/ph-ag-                septic-law-1221-20121224,0,4714911.story

Who Are We?

------------------------->We believe that we are an outstanding company!
-------------------------------->We love what we do and we do it well!
-------------------------------------->We offer you the best price and very Best service
-------------------------------->We are friendly and personable- We Smile
------------------------->We are environmentally responsible


410-833-3222/ 443-398-4680/ tom.cossentino@gmail.com/

          How Are we Different?-Why Call Us ?
1.) Expert knowledge and experience of the company owner on every visit! 
2.) Our smaller truck fits better in tight spaces-Driveway friendly
3.) Prices below the competition- Service exceeding the competition
4.) Honest service to fit your needs exactly: No high-pressure sales pitches or selling you something you don't need
5.) We are on a mission to educate people about their septics
6.) We can do it all when it comes to septics- We save you money
7.) We aren't in a rush to become a big business-we'd lose our personal touch that hundreds of our loyal customers enjoy

Getting your money's worth and then some...

When Backflushing,
We vigorously agitate and remove the stubborn material from the hard to reach areas of the tank by providing water pressure washing services to break-up the solids in the tank .

The result?
1.) The tank gets deep cleaned, there are fewer residual solids and compacted soaps/detergents/papers left in the tank.
 2.)you greatly enhance the beneficial effects of the septic pumping.
 3.) chances are your septic system components get cleaner, last longer, and you save money in the long run by preventing failure of the components of your septic system.
4.) You're happy! You get comprehensive, detailed service at a good value.

   Septic Superheroes

    ---> Plus, our state-of-the-art truck has one of the most powerful vacuum pumping systems in the  local area!
    ---> We will perform a basic, multi-point overview of the tank (to include a visual inspection of the sludge/liquid level, baffles, lids, and flow characteristics)
    ---> We will be personable, honest, fair, and thankful for your business.

   How Can we Offer Such Great Prices?
We strive to treat everyone as a neighbor-a friend

If you still don't beleive that we can provide the best job for the low prices we charge, read the next paragraph for evidence of Honest and Trustworthy we strive to be-We want you to feel 110% satisfied with hiring us to do your work:

We prefer you to be home at the time we schedule your service. We we want you to observe, ask questions, and learn about the vital part of your home that is your septic system. We urge you to be present and give us your honest opinion of how we are cleaning your tank.  Beware of another company who just tells you to place the check on the door and doesn't seem interested to have you be on-site and take an active role and observe. Being honest is the first rule of our business and something we pride ourselves upon.

We try to take our time and get to know you-and your septics needs


----> In addition, we emphasize educating our customers about their septic system and you will receive a free maintenance booklet published by Baltimore County Groundwater Management-just ask.

---> Don't forget to have your tank pumped every 2 years. You will need to have it pumped annually or more frequently if you have:

***a failing system (drainfields and drywells have reduced ability to absorb water-pump your system frequently and you will extend their useful life)
***garbage disposal or catering service in-home
***high water useage/high occupancy
***frequent houseguests
***use a lot of toilet paper or flush chemicals (bleach, antibacterial soaps, paint, greases, etc.)
***have a limited septic reserve area-take care of your system and it will take care of you.
***live in an area that is prone to flooding
***if you care about the environment around your home
Thanks from all of us!
Tom Cossentino, Jr.
-Tom Cossentino III
-John Cossentino
-Jeanne Cossentino

The Internet is great and all but we wouldn't have anything if you didn't tell your friends and neighbors about us because: 

***Just as regular oil changes can extend the life of your car and keep it in good working order, regular pumping of your septic tank can do the same.

The old beleif that the solids, sludge, paper, etc. in the tank will fully break down over time are simply false. Into today's septics, we flush anti-bacterial soaps, laundry detergents, bleach, household cleaning agents, paints, chemicals and much more that counteract the digestive action of the bacteria. The material that accumulates must be removed by pumping. Call us anytime to chat or ask us any questions at all. We Love to Talk! 

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Many people have asked us about our dogs!...

Our beloved Welsh Corgi is named "Pumpkin" and our faithful Chocolate lab is named "Tater"! (When they are not busy chasing squirrels or napping on the sofa, they give us a paw around the office, too).

(410) 833-3222
Cossentino Septic

Our Beloved Peterbilt Vacuum Pump Truck

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Local Areas served (this is not a complete listing)
Here are few of the areas located within our septic pumping service area. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to perform septic pumping, septic cleaning, septic inspections, septic installation, septic repair, and more. This is not meant to be a complete list.
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