As a small family-run septic pumping business, our reason for being is to provide the best combination of excellent prices and personalized service-Tom & John, Owner Operators

​​Professional Septic Tank Pumping/Cleaning and Septic System Repairs

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Our Truck's get the septic tank A LOT cleaner than a normal Septic truck would. 


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Click here for Baltimore County's Free Septic Maintenance Handbook!


Having your septic tank pumped and cleaned is the primary way to protect the value of your septic system and help keep it operating effectively.

With the replacement cost of septic systems having skyrocketed in the state of MD in recent years, the small cost of regular pumping is one of the best investments you can make in maintaining your septic and your home.

unlike Most other septic companies, you will enjoy the benefit of having THe COMPANY OWNERS JoHN or Tom out on EACH service call. We do 100% of the work ourselves and ensure that you always receive the highest quality service from a highly trained septic system professional.


​​Cossentino Septic (Where we're much better at septic pumping than web-design!)

Welcome! We are your septic service team! We are a small, family business that has served Baltimore and Carroll County, Maryland for over 45 years. Look no further for the best, lowest price and friendly, honest service

Father and Son Team Completes All Work-Licensed and Insured-Professional-Exceptional Service-Lowest Prices 

We are Baltimore and Carroll County Maryland's most respected and experienced septic cleaning service.

Please call us at 410-833-3222 for the best price on septic pumping in this area.


As a licensed Septic System Installer, we also have over 45 years of experience in:
  • Repairing septic system components such as piping, distribution boxes, baffles and drain fields
  • In addition, we offer septic system inspections.
  • if you have a need related to your septic system, chances are that we can handle it for you or assist in helping you find what you need

Our mission is complete when our clients are fully satisfied


We promise to treat your septic system with the same ultra-high level of care that we would give to our own.

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